Looking for the best pet moving service for your loved ones?

World Pet Travel offers an extraordinary pet moving service for our clients. We assist with pet transport, pet shipping and finding the right pet travel arrangements for your loved ones.  When it comes to pet transportation, World Pet Travel knows the best pet airlines for your family members and will settle for nothing less.

OUR OWNER, as well as EACH of our pet travel agents, have experienced what you are about to go through with your pet’s relocation and this is why we do what we do!  Pet shipping is our love and that is why we have been in pet transportation for 16 years. Because we have been through this ourselves, some of us more than once, we understand that making pet travel arrangements on your own can be very stressful and time consuming.

You may experience reservations in who to trust in transporting your pets throughout their journey. This is very common with our clients and to be expected. For this reason, we ask you to visit our testimonials and read what some of our previous clients have said about World Pet Travel. We also invite you to ask for references at any time.

With offices in both the United States and Costa Rica, as well as pet travel agents in most every country around the world, our pet relocation specialists are unsurpassed in assisting when things get complicated or confusing with your pets move. Whether you need our assistance with dog transportation,  cat transportation or navigating the rules of flying a turtle into New Zealand,  World Pet Travel can assure the safe passage of your pets travel both domestically and internationally.

From the right pet carrier, to the safest pet airline for each animal, details are handled with meticulous precision and extreme care. World Pet Travel relocation specialists have the experience you are looking for when moving pets and animals around the corner or around the world.  Your pet in the hands of World Pet Travel is OUR PET TOO!


World Pet Travel has the capability to fly English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs domestically during certain times of the year within the Continental United States!!

Your Pet’s Move is Tax Deductible!

In the event of corporate relocation, change of employment or military deployment your pet moving expenses are tax-deductible!  According to IRS publication #521  the deduction you are allowed INCLUDES your beloved pet(s) travel expenses.

Pet Scam Warning

There are hundreds of ads running throughout Craigslist, Facebook, local newspapers and other media outlets with pet scams.  The promise of a puppy or dog for a substantially less amount than one would sell for under normal conditions. Most times the puppy/kitten is “free” for payment of shipping only by a pet shipping company.  If you have come across one of these ads, you should know they are coming out of Nigeria and Cameroon Africa, not in the United States.  Don’t be fooled if they have a US phone number or email address.  You can search their IP Address and this will confirm it for you if you have any doubt.

NEVER send money Western Union or Money Gram to anyone for a puppy.  The reason payment is requested in this fashion is that it is untraceable. Please report any activity of this sort to the authorities.  Contact the media outlet from which you found the information, but don’t stop there.  Contact the FBI INTERNET FRAUD for your protection and that of others that could fall subject to this crime.  We haveto stop these people and we cannot do it without out your help.

   IPATA  Animal Transportation Association